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Your Story is Unique

Personal Brand Photographer for Entreprenuers & Influencers

Your generic headshot and cell phone pictures aren't working!

Clients need to know you, so they can trust you. Share who you are with personal branded photography!


Notes from Clients
testimonial photo

“Sarah is an amazing photographer. She doesn’t just capture the beauty of her client, she also captures their essence. That’s why she’s my go to person for all my photography needs. From taking my head shots for my website, to my husband’s fitness shots, to our family pictures, christening, birthdays and the book cover picture for my husband’s memoir as well as pictures for his campaign materials when he ran for judge. We trust Sarah to consistently deliver quality, breathtaking pictures of our family, events and business shots. Sarah is the best and I always refer her to my friends.”

—Jummy O

“Sarah taught my two daughters a private photography course that was invaluable to their understanding of the many nuances and settings of their cameras. As a result, one of my daughters has gone on to have a successful photography business. Sarah is an excellent teacher who was so patient, cheerful and encouraging to my daughters”

—Elizabeth J

Save Time

Don't waste another minute.

Prioritize Your Time

Your clients come to you for your expertise.

Instead of laboring to take pictures daily, just spend half a day with Sarah Henderson to create images that will last 3 months.

Gain Loyal Clients

Personalized Images Share Your Unique Story

The goal of social media is to connect.

When people see you faithfully post authentic fresh material daily, they find out if they want work with you.

Dynamic Online Presence

Professional Images that Represent You

Unique images that share your personal story are powerful, drawing attention to your posts.

What should I expect?

Here's Sarah's Personal Branding Workflow

1. Call

Ask questions and decide if a personal branded session is best for you. If it is, this is time you pay for the session and schedule the consultation.

2. Consultation

Sarah will meet with you to discover the best images you need to connect with your ideal clients and help you prepare for your photography session.

3. Personal Branded Photoshoot

If you would like your hair and make up styled, let’s plan for it! Sarah can schedule your hair and make-up immediately prior to your photo session at a convenient location. This should take about an hour and a half.

At a personal branded photography session we meet at locations that will share your vision and change your outfits as needed.

You can include people, pets and activities that help you connect with your followers.

When they see you have unique interests that they also have it will create an instant bond.

Uncommon interests may include activities like mountain biking, knitting, boating, running races, eating kale and gaming.

4. View Images Immediately

To save you time, you get to view and select your favorite images immediately after the session.

The selection process takes about an hour.

Some images you will just use for social media stories and elevating your website, others will be so meaningful to you that you will want them to fill your empty walls.

This is the time you pay for the collection of images, wall art and albums.

5. Download & Use your Images

After you select the images you need, Sarah will enhance them and label them to help improve SEO to help clients find you.

For your convenience, you will get an online gallery.


Desired Focus Photography

Sarah Henderson

I am a nature loving, distance runner, and of course professional photographer. I like to make my photography services easy and convenient.

  • Caring professional photographer. (I started Desired Focus 10 years ago!)
  • Choose your locations, your number of outfits, and time.
  • Full Service (I don’t just leave you with jpgs that never get printed, if you want wall art or albums!)
  • I come to your home or office to help you design a wall layout for your prints, if you want them.
  • I use a professional lab to save time and create museum quality prints.

Let's get going!

I can’t wait!

Zanesville, Ohio

Will Travel

Photography Classes

Learn to Use your Camera The Easier Way

Beginner Photography Class

  • Get off auto mode.

  • Use Program mode, Shutter Priority, and Aperture Priority

  • Control your flash.

  • Perfect Exposure.

  • No more harsh orange or blue hues.

  • Shoot in dark rooms easier

  • Get action shots.

  • Get the artsy blur.

Personal Lesson

  • Cover exactly what you want to learn.

  • Meet at your favorite Location


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