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Family, Maternity, Newborn, Wedding, Engagement Photographer

My photography services are a breeze. I add a calming, joyful presence from the time I photograph the beauty of your day to ordering your gorgeous enhanced prints.

  • Caring professional photographer
  • Choose your locations, your number of outfits, and time.
  • Full Service (I don’t just leave you with jpgs that never get printed!)
  • I come to your home to help you design a wall layout for your prints, show you a preview of your album and card design.
  • I use a professional lab to save time and create museum quality prints

Family, Kids and Newborn Photographer

High School Senior & Promotional Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Engagement Photographer


Notes from Clients
testimonial photo

“Our wedding experience with Desired Focus Photography was 100% unique. Sarah is driven to provide a quality service for her clients that is both fun and memorable. Her simplified process aims to alleviate stress for her brides, and she is confident enough to contribute creative suggestions to the conversation. Sarah and her team were prompt and focused, and the attention to detail throughout our day was above and beyond my expectations. Sarah was supportive throughout the process and after, and has continued to check in with us, even two months after our event. It is easy to tell that Sarah is passionate about her craft, and her enthusiasm is a much-welcomed bonus! If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind photography adventure, I would recommend Desired Focus for your needs.”

—Kendell M
testimonial photo

“Sarah is an amazing photographer. She doesn’t just capture the beauty of her client, she also captures their essence. That’s why she’s my go to person for all my photography needs. From taking my head shots for my website, to my husband’s fitness shots, to our family pictures, christening, birthdays and the book cover picture for my husband’s memoir as well as pictures for his campaign materials when he ran for judge. We trust Sarah to consistently deliver quality, breathtaking pictures of our family, events and business shots. Sarah is the best and I always refer her to my friends.”

—Jummy O
testimonial photo

“Sarah taught my two daughters a private photography course that was invaluable to their understanding of the many nuances and settings of their cameras. As a result, one of my daughters has gone on to have a successful photography business. Sarah is an excellent teacher who was so patient, cheerful and encouraging to my daughters”

—Elizabeth J

Photography Classes

Learn to Use your Camera The Easier Way

Beginner Photography Class

  • Get off auto mode.

  • Use Program mode, Shutter Priority, and Aperture Priority

  • Control your flash.

  • Perfect Exposure.

  • No more harsh orange or blue hues.

  • Shoot in dark rooms easier

  • Get action shots.

  • Get the artsy blur.

Personal Lesson

  • Cover exactly what you want to learn.

  • Meet at your favorite Location


Desired Focus Photography

Sarah Henderson

My name is Sarah Henderson. I am a nature loving, distance runner, “Yippee” (I’m usually excited for life and adventure so there is the part of the actually meaning, “Yippee!” I hope I’m also creating a word: In my mind that means: I want to be a hippie; all relaxed and living off the land and always making people feel loved…but like a yuppie; having a job and living in the city.) I have 3 bros and 3 sisters but only 3 kids of my own kids. One day, maybe I’ll have more. I also love Jesus. (If you ever want me to pray with you, I’m your girl. I love hearing an encouraging word from God and making someone’s day better. And even though I rarely see miracles (I hope this changes soon), at one wedding I prayed for the Bride’s father-in-law’s knee and he was completely healed! I didn’t even know about the healing part until the Bride told me a few months after the wedding. I believe God loves us, no matter what, so I will always hope for the best, even if I don’t see it.) I started Desired Focus Photography because I love helping others and I love photography. So, helping people remember the best moments of their lives or showing them how incredibly amazing they are, nourishes my soul. I’d love to help you by taking pictures of what matters most to you or teach you how to take those pictures.


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